Paul Albert Krumm

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Paul Albert Krumm

Paul Albert Krumm wurde am Dezember (nach anderen Quellen ) in Berlin geboren und verbrachte dort auch seine Kindheit und Jugend. Serien und Filme mit Paul Albert Krumm: Gespenstergeschichten · Der Alte · Liebt diese Erde · Tatort · Narrenspiegel · Der Kommissar · Babeck · Lautlose . Paul Albert Krumm ist ein Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner Karriere und alle News.

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Paul Albert Krumm war ein deutscher Schauspieler. Paul Albert Krumm (* Dezember in Berlin; † 2. Januar in Düsseldorf) war ein deutscher Schauspieler. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie. Paul Albert Krumm, Actor: Verräter. Paul Albert Krumm was born on November 28, in Berlin, Germany. He was an actor and assistant director, known for. Paul Albert Krumm wurde am Dezember (nach anderen Quellen ) in Berlin geboren und verbrachte dort auch seine Kindheit und Jugend. Paul Albert Krumm, geboren in Berlin, studierte Theaterwissenschaft und ließ sich gleichzeitig an der Schauspielschule von Hilde Körber ausbilden. Paul-Albert Krumm wurde am in Berlin geboren und starb am ​ in Düsseldorf. Beim Aufgang der Sonne und bei ihrem Untergang erinnern​. Serien und Filme mit Paul Albert Krumm: Gespenstergeschichten · Der Alte · Liebt diese Erde · Tatort · Narrenspiegel · Der Kommissar · Babeck · Lautlose .

Paul Albert Krumm

Paul Albert Krumm, geboren in Berlin, studierte Theaterwissenschaft und ließ sich gleichzeitig an der Schauspielschule von Hilde Körber ausbilden. Paul Albert Krumm wurde am Dezember (nach anderen Quellen ) in Berlin geboren und verbrachte dort auch seine Kindheit und Jugend. Paul Albert Krumm war ein deutscher Schauspieler. Paul Albert Krumm Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Geheimagent Jedermann. Do you have a demo Steakhouse Ludwigsburg Sie haben Ihr Passwort vergessen? Passwort vergessen? TV Movie Scheffter. Zu Beginn des Jahres und an dessen Ende erinnern wir uns an sie. Weitere Kerzen anzeigen. Paul Albert Krumm

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Der Alte 68 Der vierte Mann Zum Tod von Paul Albert Krumm. Todestag · Alter · Sterbeort · Grab · Todesursache. Paul Albert Krumm war ein deutscher Schauspieler. Er wurde am Paul Albert Krumm ist ein Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner Karriere und alle News. View and license Paul Albert Krumm pictures & news photos from Getty Images. paul albert krumm sohn.

He is a male celebrity. He was born on Friday November 28th , in Berlin, Germany,. Paul Albert Krumm is a born leader, with extra-ordinary drive and determination.

Insisting on his right to make up his own mind, he demands freedom of thought and action, and does not let anything or anyone stand in his way once he is committed to his goal.

Always seeking the forefront and the limelight, Paul needs to feel in command of important undertakings, and resists supportive roles. He can become irritated and even domineering when important things do not go his way.

Krumm can be impatient with his shortcomings and those of others. Paul Albert Krumm is very concerned with his status and fosters the appearance of success and self-satisfaction.

Interestingly, that very same need to appear well-off can be the fuel that propels Paul to strive for growth, success and the finer things of life.

Paul Albert Krumm assumes the responsibility to be the protector and provider for those he loves, but demands their respect and attention in return.

Exceptionally creative and original, Paul possesses a touch of the unusual. His approach to problems is unique and he has the courage to wander from the traditional templates of thoughts and deeds.

More flavors to Paul's personality Paul Albert Krumm tends to be quite adaptable, and he finds it easy to fit into most social set ups and vocational fields.

Paul-Albert Krumm wurde am Beim Aufgang der Sonne und bei ihrem Untergang erinnern wir uns an die Verstorbenen. Beim Wehen des Windes und in der Kälte des Winters erinnern wir uns an sie.

Beim öffnen der Knospen und in der Wärme des Sommers erinnern wir uns an sie. Beim Rauschen der Blätter und in der Schönheit des Herbstes erinnern wir uns an sie.

Zu Beginn des Jahres und an dessen Ende erinnern wir uns an sie. Wenn wir müde sind und Kraft brauchen erinnern wir uns an sie.

Wenn wir verloren sind und krank in unserem Herzen erinnern wir uns an sie. Harker describes him as an old man, "cruel looking" and giving an effect of "extraordinary pallor".

I saw Count Dracula As the novel progresses, Dracula is described as taking on a more and more youthful appearance. After Harker strikes him with a shovel, he is left with a scar on his forehead which he bears throughout the course of the novel.

Dracula also possesses great wealth, and has Romani people in his homeland who are loyal to him as servants and protectors. Count Dracula is portrayed in the novel using many different supernatural abilities, and is believed to have gained his abilities through dealings with the Devil.

Chapter 18 of the novel describes many of the abilities, limitations and weaknesses of vampires and Dracula in particular. Dracula has superhuman strength which, according to Van Helsing, is equivalent to that of 20 strong men.

He does not cast a shadow or have a reflection from mirrors. He is immune to conventional means of attack; a sailor tries to stab him in the back with a knife, but the blade goes through his body as though it is air.

He can travel onto "unhallowed" ground, such as the graves of suicides and those of his victims. He has powerful hypnotic , telepathic and illusionary abilities.

He also has the ability to "within limitations" vanish and reappear elsewhere at will. If he knows the path, he can come out from anything or into anything regardless of how close it is bound even if it is fused with fire.

He has amassed cunning and wisdom throughout centuries, and he is unable to die by the mere passing of time alone. He can command animals such as rats, owls, bats, moths, foxes and wolves.

However, his control over these animals is limited, as seen when the party first enters his house in London. Although Dracula is able to summon thousands of rats to swarm and attack the group, Holmwood summons his trio of terriers to do battle with the rats.

The dogs prove very efficient rat killers, suggesting they are Manchester Terriers trained for that purpose. Terrified by the dogs' onslaught, the rats flee, and any control which Dracula had over them is gone.

Dracula can also manipulate the weather and, within his range, is able to direct the elements, such as storms, fog and mist.

Dracula can change form at will, able to grow and become small, his featured forms in the novel being that of a bat, a wolf, a large dog and a fog or mist.

When the moonlight is shining, he can travel as elemental dust within its rays. He is able to pass through tiny cracks or crevices while retaining his human form or in the form of a vapour; described by Van Helsing as the ability to slip through a hairbreadth space of a tomb door or coffin.

This is also an ability used by his victim Lucy as a vampire. When the party breaks into her tomb, they dismantle the secured coffin to find it completely empty; her corpse being no longer located within.

One of Dracula's powers is the ability to turn others into vampires by biting them. According to Van Helsing:. When they become such, there comes with the change the curse of immortality; they cannot die, but must go on age after age adding new victims and multiplying the evils of the world.

For all that die from the preying of the Un-dead become themselves Un-dead, and prey on their kind. And so the circle goes on ever widening, like as the ripples from a stone thrown in the water.

Friend Arthur, if you had met that kiss which you know of before poor Lucy die, or again, last night when you open your arms to her, you would in time, when you had died, have become nosferatu, as they call it in Eastern Europe, and would for all time make more of those Un-Deads that so have filled us with horror.

The vampire bite itself does not cause death. It is the method vampires use to drain blood of the victim and to increase their influence over them.

This is described by Van Helsing:. The Nosferatu do not die like the bees when they sting once. He is only stronger, and being stronger, have yet more power to work evil.

Those children whose blood she suck are not yet so much worse; but if she live on, Un-Dead, more and more lose their blood and by her power over them they come to her.

But if she die in truth, then all cease; the tiny wounds of the throats disappear, and they go back to their plays unknowing of whatever has been.

As Dracula slowly drains Lucy's blood, she dies from acute blood loss and later transforms into a vampire, despite the efforts of Seward and Van Helsing to provide her with blood transfusions.

He is aided by powers of necromancy and divination of the dead, that all who die by his hand may reanimate and do his bidding.

Dracula requires no other sustenance but fresh human blood, which has the effect of rejuvenating him and allowing him to grow younger.

His power is drawn from the blood of others, and he cannot survive without it. Dracula's preferred victims are women.

Count Dracula is depicted as the " King Vampire ", and can control other vampires. To punish Mina and the party for their efforts against him, Dracula bites her on at least three occasions.

He also forces her to drink his blood; this act curses her with the effects of vampirism and gives him a telepathic link to her thoughts. You shall be avenged in turn, for not one of them but shall minister to your needs.

But as yet you are to be punished for what you have done. You have aided in thwarting me. Now you shall come to my call. When my brain says 'Come!

The effects changes Mina physically and mentally over time. A few moments after Dracula attacks her, Van Helsing takes a wafer of sacramental bread and places it on her forehead to bless her; when the bread touches her skin, it burns her and leaves a scar on her forehead.

Her teeth start growing longer but do not grow sharper. She begins to lose her appetite, feeling repulsed by normal food, [41] begins to sleep more and more during the day; cannot wake unless at sunset and stops writing in her diary.

When Van Helsing later crumbles the same bread in a circle around her, she is unable to cross or leave the circle, discovering a new form of protection.

Dracula's death can release the curse on any living victim of eventual transformation into vampire. However, Van Helsing reveals that were he to successfully escape, his continued existence would ensure that even if he did not victimize Mina further, she would transform into a vampire upon her eventual natural death.

Dracula is much less powerful in daylight and is only able to shift his form at dawn, noon, and dusk he can shift his form freely at night or if he is at his grave.

The sun is not fatal to him, as sunlight does not burn and destroy him upon contact, though most of his abilities cease.

The sun that rose on our sorrow this morning guards us in its course. Until it sets to-night, that monster must retain whatever form he now has.

He is confined within the limitations of his earthly envelope. He cannot melt into thin air nor disappear through cracks or chinks or crannies.

If he go through a doorway, he must open the door like a mortal. His power ceases, as does that all of all evil things, at the coming of the day.

Only at certain times can he have limited freedom. If he be not at the place whither he is bound, he can only change himself at noon or exact sunrise or sunset.

He is also limited in his ability to travel, as he can only cross running water at low or high tide. Owing to this, he is unable to fly across a river in the form of a bat or mist or even by himself board a boat or step off a boat onto a dock unless he is physically carried over with assistance.

He is also unable to enter a place unless invited to do so by someone of the household, even a visitor; once invited, he can enter and leave the premises at will.

Dracula has a bloodlust which he is seemingly unable to control. At the sight of blood he becomes enveloped in a demonic fury which is fueled by the need to feed.

Other adaptations call this uncontrollable state 'the thirst'. There are items which afflict him to the point he has no power and can even calm him from his insatiable appetite for blood.

He is repulsed by garlic, as well as sacred items and symbols such as crucifixes , and sacramental bread.

I laid down the razor, turning as I did so half round to look for some sticking plaster. When the Count saw my face, his eyes blazed with a sort of demoniac fury, and he suddenly made a grab at my throat.

I drew away and his hand touched the string of beads which held the crucifix. It made an instant change in him, for the fury passed so quickly that I could hardly believe that it was ever there.

Placing the branch of a wild rose upon the top of his coffin will render him unable to escape it; a sacred bullet fired into the coffin could kill him so that he remain true-dead.

Mountain Ash is also described as a form of protection from a vampire although the effects are unknown. The state of rest to which vampires are prone during the day is described in the novel as a deathlike sleep in which the vampire sleeps open-eyed, is unable to awaken or move, and also may be unaware of any presence of individuals who may be trespassing.

Dracula is portrayed as being active in daylight at least once to pursue a victim. Dracula also purchases many properties throughout London 'over the counter' which shows that he does have the ability to have some type of presence in daylight.

He was either dead or asleep. I could not say which, for eyes were open and stony, but without the glassiness of death, and the cheeks had the warmth of life through all their pallor.

The lips were as red as ever. But there was no sign of movement, no pulse, no breath, no beating of the heart. I bent over him, and tried to find any sign of life, but in vain I thought he might have the keys on him, but when I went to search I saw the dead eyes, and in them dead though they were, such a look of hate, though unconscious of me or my presence, that I fled from the place, and leaving the Count's room by the window.

He requires Transylvanian soil to be nearby to him in a foreign land or to be entombed within his coffin within Transylvania in order to successfully rest; otherwise, he will be unable to recover his strength.

This has forced him to transport many boxes of Transylvanian earth to each of his residences in London.

Further, if Dracula or any vampire has had their fill in blood upon feeding, they will be caused to rest in this dead state even longer than usual.

While universally feared by the local people of Transylvania and even beyond, Dracula commands the loyalty of Gypsies and a band of Slovaks who transport his boxes on their way to London and to serve as an armed convoy bringing his coffin back to his castle.

The Slovaks and Gypsies appear to know his true nature, for they laugh at Harker when he tries to communicate his plight, and betray Harker's attempt to send a letter through them by giving it to the Count.

Dracula seems to be able to hold influence over people with mental disorders, such as Renfield, who is never bitten but who worships Dracula, referring to him over the course of the novel as "Master" and "Lord".

Dracula also afflicts Lucy with chronic sleepwalking, putting her into a trance-like state that allows them not only to submit to his will but also seek him and satisfy his need to feed.

Dracula's powers and weaknesses vary greatly in the many adaptations. Previous and subsequent vampires from different legends have had similar vampire characteristics.

Dracula has been portrayed by more actors in more visual media adaptations of the novel than any other horror character.

In , Count Dracula, as portrayed by Lugosi in the film , was named as the 33rd greatest movie villain by the AFI. The character is closely associated with the western cultural archetype of the vampire, and remains a popular Halloween costume.

Following the publication of In Search of Dracula by Radu Florescu and Raymond McNally in , this supposed connection attracted much popular attention.

Vlad II Dracul , father of Vlad III, was admitted to the order around because of his bravery in fighting the Turks and was dubbed Dracul dragon or devil thus his son became Dracula son of the dragon.

From onward, Vlad II wore the emblem of the order and later, as ruler of Wallachia, his coinage bore the dragon symbol.

Stoker came across the name Dracula in his reading on Romanian history , and chose this to replace the name Count Wampyr that he had originally intended to use for his villain.

However, some Dracula scholars, led by Elizabeth Miller , have questioned the depth of this connection as early as They argue that Stoker in fact knew little of the historic Vlad III, Vlad the Impaler , and that he used only the name "Dracula" and some miscellaneous scraps of Romanian history.

Who was it but one of my own race who as Voivode crossed the Danube and beat the Turk on his own ground? This was a Dracula indeed! Woe was it that his own unworthy brother, when he had fallen, sold his people to the Turk and brought the shame of slavery on them!

Was it not this Dracula, indeed, who inspired that other of his race who in a later age again and again brought his forces over the great river into Turkey-land; who, when he was beaten back, came again, and again, though he had to come alone from the bloody field where his troops were being slaughtered, since he knew that he alone could ultimately triumph!

Chapter 3, pp. The Count's intended identity is later commented by Professor Van Helsing, referring to a letter from his friend Arminius:. He must, indeed, have been that Voivode Dracula who won his name against the Turk, over the great river on the very frontier of Turkey-land.

Chapter 18, pp. This indeed encourages the reader to identify the Count with the Voivode Dracula first mentioned by him in Chapter 3, the one betrayed by his brother: Vlad III Dracula, betrayed by his brother Radu the Handsome , who had chosen the side of the Turks.

But as noted by the Dutch author Hans Corneel de Roos, in Chapter 25, Van Helsing and Mina drop this rudimentary connection to Vlad III and instead describe the Count's personal past as that of "that other of his race" who lived "in a later age".

Paul Albert Krumm Paul Albert Krumm Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Clear your history. What to Stream on Prime Video. We Are Dracula. TV Movie Herbert. He was an actor and assistant 3sat Tv Programm Heute, known for VerräterFrench Intrigue and L'espionne rousse Beim Rauschen der Blätter und in der Schönheit des Herbstes erinnern wir uns an sie. Wenn wir Freude Primemusic, die wir so Markle Meghan teilen würden, erinnern wir uns an sie. Do you have a demo reel? He was an actor and assistant director, known for VerräterFrench Intrigue and L'espionne rousse TV Movie Scheffter. Passwort vergessen? At the sight of blood he becomes enveloped in a demonic fury which is fueled by the need to feed. Krösa Maja Its Products and Its People. Retrieved 13 April This expression is crossed out, however, and replaced by "Hungarian yoke" as appearing in the printed versionwhich matches the historical perspective of the Wallachians. Taste the Blood of Dracula. An American actor and rapper who played football at Overbrook High School and switched to music after getting injured when he was 16 years old, and is best known for his role as Hakeem Lyon in the Apps2fire primetime musical drama television series Empire, and for his portrayal as Michael Bivins Tod Eines Mädchens 2 the BET miniseries The New Edition Story.

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